A second attempt

Wow, I’ve just read the blogs of some of my class mates. I’m impressed with the content and the language, not to mention the speed at which they got their sites up and functioning so well. I’m still trying to kick my kids off the computer! It’s  my turn now, go outside and play with the dog. I think if you are going to blog, more than one computer per household is required. And the computer needs to be virus free and have a decent internet connection speed. Mine fails on both those counts.

I follow only a few blogs. My favourite is my sister-in-law’s blog bad mother. She writes about the funny things her kids (my nephews) say and do and it is one way that I can ‘keep in touch’ without keeping in touch, if you know what I mean. I’m usually half-tempted to leave a comment about her rushed punctuation or grammar, but I’m not too sure about the etiquette of doing that. Actually, I did comment once and she got so annoyed with me that she disabled the comment function.

This morning I printed out a blog entry and took it down to the cafe to read while I had a coffee. Did I just fail at being blog savvy? I really do prefer to read elsewhere than in front of the computer. I even printed out Week 1 reading and read it on the train trip home after work. I like to read in bed, on the couch, on the loo, at the coffee shop or on the cold metal bench at the skate park when my son is ‘dropping in’. I don’t want to sit in front of a computer and read. There is still a place for the printed word in my world. I should probably invest in an iPhone or an iPad or even a laptop. But then I’d have to enter deeper into the world of bundled plans and wireless connections and all the other things that are designed to bewilder and confuse the consumer. I always feel ripped off, regardless of how much study I’ve done beforehand. I’ve got my theories on why I feel this way . . .


5 thoughts on “A second attempt”

  1. I can definitely relate to wanting to read things on paper/in hard copy rather than on a computer. There seem to be so many things that we do have to use a computer for, that when there is the option to read something away from the computer, I much prefer to do so.

    I think that’s why I haven’t at all embraced ebooks; I’m just too attached to books in their printed form. I like the physical object of the book. There seems to be something so much more ephemeral about an electronic book – its form would seem to me to be so much more clinical and so much less inviting. But admittedly, my knowledge of how ebooks work, how they look onscreen etc. is limited…I suppose I should get onto rectifying that, especially if I want to work in publishing!

  2. Hey, Devinegirrl,

    You started! Fantastic. ROFL about your sister-in-law disabling her comment function. Perhaps you’re more influential on the Web than you think.


  3. You mean my sister-in-law? Yes, she has, and she likes it. I don’t know if she is visiting often – our blogs are pretty course oriented aren’t they, and probably interesting only to those sentenced to the same hard labour.

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