No I can’t

O dear it is already Sunday afternoon and I still haven’t blogged! Time is ticking by and once again I am experiencing that panicky feeling as the hours left in my weekend trickle away.

I can’t start my school work to finish it.

I can’t give both children enough time (one wants to watch his master in a Ju Jitsu grading and the other wants to go the skatepark. I do both and now five hours have gone by).

Late one night last week I thought I would uninstall some of the programs clogging this machine in an attempt to give me more speed. Instead, all I managed to do was uninstall the audio-driver (or something like that). The result is that now we have no sound. I can’t watch the YouTube recommended reading videos and I can’t follow any of the interesting clips my fellow bloggers have posted. John can’t visit Maeve O’Meara or Po and Joey can’t listen to his death metal when playing Runescape. I can’t catch up on the two shows I missed on Wednesday night (Gruen Nation and Yes We Canberra!) and I can’t keep up with the watercooler gossip.

You won’t believe what I am doing now. I am reading your blogs and then jumping up to quickly run the vacuum cleaner over a couple of rooms. Back at the computer, I have read another blog and then raced outside to take the washing off the line. I read a bit more and then quickly washed the dishes. One more blog and one more wipe of the bathroom sink. Time for a beer, I think.

I worked out how to tweet. I found my old account set up in October last year. I sat there playing with the page design and uploading a photograph and then tried to work out who I should ‘follow’. I couldn’t think of anyone. I tried to find Sarah but there are more Stokely’s out there than you can poke a stick at. I gave up.

I reactivated my Facebook account. I set it up last year and have managed to accumulate three friends (my step-son, my sister-in-law and a work colleague). I thought I would search for people to add as friends (if they will let me), but I couldn’t think of anyone.

I went back to my blog. I thought I would muck around with widgits and try to sort out my landing page. I managed to add Typekit. I played around with fonts for a while but got distracted by foundry websites.

I played with my theme page but reverted back to my first choice, even though it doesn’t seem to support any menus. I finessed the picture and then got distracted by my blavatar. I thought I had created a gravatar? What is a blavatar, gravatar, avatar, f*ckitar? I am feeling increasingly irritated as the children arrive home from the places I forced them to this afternoon. They are hungry. John is home from work and I might as well just give up.

I went to the University of Melbourne website to check out census dates. Is it too late to drop out?  Apparently my internet connection thinks its too late and has just dropped out. My irritation has peaked.


One thought on “No I can’t”

  1. Welcome to the world of Inconvenience. We’re raised to believe technology makes our lives easier (fine print: when we can make it work like we want it to). The Internet may be the easy to navigate if you’re a passive consumer, but when you jump to becoming an active producer, that’s when you’ve got to spend an hour trying to get a theme on a blog or upload a video.

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