Bacon and eggs anyone?

So the web is all about sharing? Not true in my household where there is only one computer and four users. With the computer back and fixed to the study desk, the concept of sharing is not so much about ‘come and look at this’, but ‘whose turn is it next?’

‘Sharing’ implies that we are all hooked up and switched on, if not all the time then more often than not. Readers to this blog will know that I can never get on the computer when I need to/want to. Maybe in my household we are not using the web to its full potential? Maybe I need to let the web ‘use’ me more often, or maybe I need to to get in front of the computer with the kids more often and share?

So on Saturday morning we watched ‘The History of YouTube’ together. As exercise with the kids and still in pajamas, it was great fun. It took us to ‘The Evolution of Dance’ video clip, the most watched YouTube video clip of all time, which we had never seen before. (Fail?) I knew most of the songs and their dance moves and I was really surprised that the kids did too. Some music just keeps going around and around. I’m pleased to say that Line Dancing is not something the kids have heard of yet.

Louis, my martial arts obsessed teenager, was excited to see the ‘Kung Fu fighting’ dance move and we spent some time looking for the original video clip of this song. He loves rap and we looked up the MC Hammer song ‘U Can’t Touch This’, which is very popular with teenagers at the moment. Luckily the pants aren’t!

Then Joey junior wanted to share too. He wanted to show me his favourite YouTube clips. I watched  ‘A dog barking “I love you”)))))))’ (what’s with all the half parenthesis?) and that took us to a swag of other G-rated animal clips making silly noises and doing stupid things.

After a while I got cold and bored and made bacon and eggs for everyone.


4 thoughts on “Bacon and eggs anyone?”

  1. Thanks for the link to the Evolution of Dance video (fail for me too, I’d never seen it before either!) – it’s awesome.

    One of my favourite pastimes is looking up music videos on Youtube from the ‘boy band’ era (the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, 5ive etc.) because they’re hilarious (whoever thought that synchronised dancing, or all the band members wearing a variation on a white suit and trying to look tortured and meaningful was still going to come across as cool 10 years later didn’t quite get it right!), but they’re also kind of nostalgic for me; I grew up watching them on Rage and Video Hits. So it was cool to see the Evolution of Dance clip incorporate N*Sync’s Bye Bye Bye dance – oh, the memories!

    Interestingly, I was just reading the other day that Justin Bieber’s song Baby has now become the most watched Youtube clip. Not sure what this says about a vast majority of people’s taste in music??? But then, I look up boy band clips, so who am I to judge?!

  2. No, definitely NOT. It is interfering with my life.

    My teenager just came into the study and said “since starting this course, you never read in bed with me anymore!” Fail. He likes nothing better than a read together and a ‘debrief’ on the day, and I think that is more important than all this.

    Has it made you any more hooked?

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