Okay fellow bloggers, this is a call for help. I can’t work out how to categorize or tag my posts. Actually, I can’t work out the difference between the two. I seem to have created a tag called ‘irritation’ (my permanent state of being these days) but don’t know where to go to from there. Can you please tell me what they mean and how to apply them?


2 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. Yeah, I was initially confused too! Think of the ‘category’ as the general topic and the ‘tags’ as the specific topics. For i.e. A category could be ‘Journalism’ and then the specific tags could be print media, digital media, writing, editing, blogs, newspapers, Jay Rosen etc. For your tag on ‘irritation’ you could have a category called ’emotional state’ or ‘moods’ etc.

    There’s an explanation of the differences here:

    And for the ‘how to’ do it:

    There’s even a ‘how to’ video on adding categories and tags!

    Let me know how you go…


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