Michi girl needs you

Dear fellow bloggers, it is my responsibility to share with you a blog that you may or may not be familiar with, and that I thought some of you would definitely be interested in.

Every day, Michi girl sends me (and thousands of other fellow subscribers) an email with a fashion and weather forecast. In one email! Combined! Very handy if you need to know what to wear tomorrow in our variable Melbourne conditions. Actually, she not only sends fashion tips, but  other interesting snippets relating to shopping, design, vintage, craft or anything else new and interesting that she thinks the world should know about. And in the spirit of sharing, she now wants us (dear reader) to contribute to the content on her new website.


4 thoughts on “Michi girl needs you”

  1. I read Michi in the Age every Saturday, I’ve never bothered looking her up online, so thanks for prompting me to do so. These blogs are certainly opening up the online world to me, (did you get a chance to read Charlie Brooker – referred by James Langer? Definitely worth a look!) – only problem is with a 2 year old and 3 1/2 year old, so much to see no where near enough time!

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