Let me define me

True to form I am commenting on Esmayu’s excellent and engaging post one week after I first read it. Thanks Esma for the opportunity to consider something I would never have formulated in my own mind, let alone commented upon and posted!

  1. I hate links.  After reading the articles in Week 5, I now understand the value and importance of links, but I still find them unsatisfying and distracting. They make me feel (sorry, reword that, I feel ) like this: In fact, today I changed my gravatar to more accurately reflect the state of my mind. Links make me feel (dang it, they do!) like I have missed something, like there is something better out there to read and that if I don’t follow that link, I’ll never find the missing link.
  2. I’m always telling my kids not to trust Wikipedia. As a first point of reference it’s okay, but go look up your Greek myths and legends in a book!
  3. Thanks to this course and the stimulating discussions in our class and via blogs, I am now starting to understand the power of the web and feel a little bit more in control of what is happening out there. Believe it or not, my work colleagues think I actually know a few things!
  4. I once bought a FURminator online. I was flabbergasted by the ease of the purchase and by the fact that I wasn’t ripped off. I’ve since made two further frivolous eBay purchases (scooter-wheel bearings and an empty Hamish and Andy gravy-flavoured chip packet).
  5. I have spent hours late at night trying to self-diagnose by the internet (as you do). I found depressing American chat forums that prognosticate a bleak future. Fortunately an epiphany arrived just in time and I realised that if your surgery or treatment was successful, you wouldn’t be back on the forum telling us about it!
  6. I rarely go to the movies. If there is a movie that interests me, I wait for it to come out on DVD. By then I’ve usually forgotten about it. I don’t think I am missing out on anything.
  7. I’ve never had an attention span. My attention span has been compared to that of a gnat. At work I write 10 emails simultaneously and have six different programs open at once. My computer frequently crashes because it can’t cope with all those instructions so I make frequent cups of tea that I either forget about it or have to reheat in the microwave (aha! That explains it!)

3 thoughts on “Let me define me”

  1. Do you know that feeling you get when you can’t describe something, and it burns inside but you can’t turn it out, and then someone finds the words for you? That’s how I felt when you said this: “Links make me feel (dang it, they do!) like I have missed something, like there is something better out there to read and that if I don’t follow that link, I’ll never find the missing link.” I think I understand my link surfing better now.

    What prompted you to get the chips packet?

    Even if you claim not to have a great attentio span, you’re great at multitasking. When I open six programs at once, my brain ends up crashing!

  2. Like Esma, I agree entirely with your feelings about links. With my study, I’ve had to learn when to close myself off from other possibilities, even when they might lead to something even better than I’d ever considered. To paraphrase my supervisor, if you follow every b***** lead, you’ll never get your thesis written, and to paraphrase that paraphrase, if you follow every b***** link, you’ll never get your life lived! Enough already!

  3. I am entirely impressed with your ability to paste in the red scribble image! I am yet to succeed in placing an image in my blog. I’ve tried, but to revisit the tutorial takes precious time that I simply do not have.

    I think we are in the same camp with books, they seem to me, to be so much more reliable. I wonder why this is?

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