Don’t get me started …

Apropos of our class discussion yesterday, have a look at the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) web site for a link to “Reconnecting the customer”, a public enquiry and call for stakeholder submissions into the difficulties that consumers face in the telecommunications industry, with particular reference to customer service and complaint-handling  practices.

We discussed in class that the proliferation of complex and sophisticated convergent devices and services (such as internet available on mobile phones) hasn’t necessarily increased our “customer satisfaction” with the way these goods and services are supplied. The consumer is increasingly required to enter into more and more complex decision-making that has concurrently increased our consumer expectations. However, this (surprise surprise) HASN’T been matched by a decrease in customer complaints.

If only that call centre operator in the Phillipines had informed me of the opportunity to submit to this enquiry.

Submissions close 5.00pm Friday 10 September (2010).


3 thoughts on “Don’t get me started …”

  1. No! I just remembered that the deadline for that has passed. This is sad. I had even put it up as my Facebook status so people would remember to send their thoughts about Australian telecommunications. This is what happens when you leave things till later, and have a major religious holidays come in between.

  2. I guess being a mum makes “holiday” a different concept.

    The holiday I was referring to is called Eid al-Fitr (in Arabic) or Ramazan Bayram (in Turkish). It’s like the Muslim Christmas, except that it lasts 3 days, and lasts over the weekend as well.

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