Vote 1, citizen journalist of Altona

There’s a blogging war going on in my LGA. You have got to love us Westies. Even as the sun sets over the refineries and the trucks shake the foundations of our lounge room floors, the passion for our suburbs never fades.

Apparently, Kyle Sandilands (that radio-cum-TV host of fame for no apparent reason), when interviewing the Prime Minister back in August this year, called her hometown of Altona a ‘rat hole’. Now that is not nice, and new Altona resident Anthony Ang (and near neighbour of Julia Gillard) didn’t think so either. He immediately created a blog, called Beautiful Altona, and I have to say it almost brings a tear to my eye. It should be nominated for a ‘most loyal and humble citizen’ award, if there is such a thing, or at the very least, a ‘service to the community’ award.

The blog is incredibly well set-out, with lots of great photographs, links, widgets, embedded multi-media such as videos and databases and even sections that he has plotted but is yet to write. There is a 10-minute video showcasing picturesque areas of the West, an interactive quiz, attractions for visitors, posts on the facilities and services in Altona as well as Mr Ang’s wish list and vision for the suburb.

In one post, Mr Ang says that as a result of creating his blog, he feels he is performing a civic service:

I had received interesting email requests such as a guy asking where he could sell his car and a girl asking how she could find housemates to share her rented house. This is an outcome that I did not expect to have arisen from creating the Altona Blog. If people feel that they can seek useful information from the Blog, the Blog would have a successful start and is on its way to playing an important and larger role in the Altona community.

You have got to admire his obvious passion and dedication, as well as enjoy his quirky posts. He gets my vote!

5 thoughts on “Vote 1, citizen journalist of Altona”

  1. I think what is interesting with blogs such as this (niche amateur citizen journalism) is the way that traditional media outlets are increasingly show-casing and featuring such content as well as the authors on prime time TV shows, radio stations etc. The power of the blogger is still under-estmitated, isn’t it?
    And on another note, as a Westie myself (i’m a Sunshine girl) I must admit that the West will always hold a special place in my heart, and Sandilands’ comments certainly do not 🙂

  2. It is remarkable. Now that I have experienced writing a blog, the idea of someone just up and writing a blog – and a well-developed, well-written one at that – in defence of a suburb is humbling.

    1. Yes, and he is now expanding his goal beyond Altona and has a vision to
      “… create a blog for every single place in Victoria. These blogs will be linked to each other to form a spiderweb of interconnected blogs. They will also be intricately linked to social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Twitter and so on.” GO ANTHONY!!

  3. Now that’s loving your home town. Responding by writing a blog is interesting. Do you think it’ll start a trend?

    Kid A: Your mom’s an idiot!
    Kid B: No she’s not! (Goes home to start

    1. I reckon there are probably hundreds of thousands of blogs out there in defence of their writer’s suburbs. Like “Rowville Rocks”, or “Doing it for Dandenong”. I did think of calling my assignment blog post “What a wonderful Willie”, but there were just too many associations conjured up with the last word!

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