Some thoughts on the Cert IV in Textile Design at RMIT

I’ve enrolled in the Cert IV Textile Design course at RMIT. My sister completed the course over seven years and I was always admiring of the designs that she created and the fun that she had.

But what was I thinking? Am I mad? I have a full-time job, two teenagers and, to top it off, an auto-immune disease. Of course I have time to attend two x three-hour classes a week plus a Saturday once a month. Lucky I have a partner who keeps the clothes washed, the floor vacuumed and the four of us fed.

It’s week 3 and already the homework is piling up. It seems that we no sooner arrive at class, set up to discuss our topic and prepare for the activity that we must start cleaning up. What we don’t finish in class we must finish at home, on top of the homework.

I told Jodie last week that I think I was over-thinking the course. It’s a TAFE course, not a post-graduate at university. It’s geared towards kids with little education and older people with a lot more. It’s assessment is flexible and I should really just calm down. But the reality is that the course is very stimulating and I want to be totally immersed in it. Bugger this working for a living caper. So much of my day is wasted by having to go into the office!!


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